Back to the Woods
Wilderness Therapeutic Programme

Back to the Woods, a new referral programme for young people to promote their mental health by reconnecting with the outdoors.

We are concerned about the many challenges young people face today and the limited opportunities to interact with and explore the natural world. We provide young people opportunities to have positive, enabling experiences that will teach them new skills, boost their confidence and give them wider outlooks. The programme will launch in June 2023, with information available from April 2023. ‘NATURE HEALS THE BODY, MIND AND SOUL'

What are we doing:

If you’re aged 11-24 and feel uneasy about the challenges that you are facing, whatever they may be, you will be warmly welcomed by Basecamp Cooperative on a series of small group (between 4 - 6 participants) wilderness adventures. 

Our 4 – 8 week programmes are designed to introduce you to a wide variety of outdoor activities with a particular focus on nature, wellbeing, bushcraft and mindfulness. We would love the opportunity to share our love of the outdoors with you to recharge, connect, and strengthen your confidence and drive. Sessions are led by student wilderness therapeutic practitioner and supported by a qualified counsellor.

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